Fishbone, which can be expanded with panels connected to vertical connecting pipes, allows to create working areas at different angles according to type of fittings. With its horizontally partitioned structure, it allows the use of different materials such as melamine, fabric, acoustic felt or plexiglass. Partially or completely isolated areas can be created with height options, and different usage scenarios can be created with varying panel widths and table lengths. Thanks to the cabling system passing through the panel and the electrical power supply that can be accessed through the panel, it provides a clean and tidy working area away from clutter. While meeting and individual workspaces are created with the rectangular table that can be mounted on the panels, honeycomb-shaped workspaces can be created with trapezoidal tabletops. In addition to individual or teamwork setups in open workspaces, it also offers solutions suitable for common use such as call centers, libraries, and lobbies.